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Your Best Spring Cleaning Tip: Garage Sales

Garage sales.  As the old saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” And what’s a better way to purge the no longer used items and make some quick cash than holding a garage sale?  Let’s talk about maximizing your sale to make the most money!Here are some great tips:


Advertise and they will come
Simple enough, right?  This part does require pre-planning.  Start placing signs around the local area around a week from the sale.  Make sure that you are legally placing them and you remove them when the sale is over.  In our social media world, there are plenty of neighborhood and groups in your local area that will help draw in the crowds by posting the details of your sale.  Talk about it with neighbors and friends and ask them to spread the word!  They may know somebody who is looking for exactly what you are selling.  Don’t forget to be specific about what will be included in your sale!  Nursery furniture, baby swing, infant clothes, and home furniture sets (all in good condition) are a big plus!

Make it an event
If you live in a neighborhood or community, draw interest to see others want to participate.  The more people involved will drive more traffic to your sale, too.  Get the kids to help by setting up their own table to make their own money!  They can sell toys no longer used or even sell doughnuts or lemonade.

Big ticket items near the curb
price tagDo you ever wonder exactly what people are looking for when they slowly drive past your sale?  Give them eye candy by placing items closer to the road that will lure them in.  An electric saw, lawnmower, or baby crib are great items to get people out of their car and see what else you have!  Think about organizing to mimic how you would see it in a store and creatively display everything!  You may want to create a reading nook with that LazyBoy chair and end table that you have been chomping at the bits to get rid of and pairing it with crates of $1 books.  Set up pack-and-plays and strollers for parents-to-be to test out. It makes for an easier sale!

Be open to negotiation
moneyMany people will agree that the trickiest part to holding a sale is pricing.  Here is my rule-of-thumb: Price fairly on low-ticket items (approximately ⅓ of what you originally paid) but mark big ticket items just a little higher.  Buyers tend to negotiate on those to feel like they walked away with a deal.  It gives you a little wiggle room to work with in case they do.  But also be willing to accept other offers.  After all, your goal is to rid of as many things as you can!  Make a list of the things that you don’t want to take below a certain amount but everything else is negotiable.

Have on hand…..
You want to be prepared for the unknown to keep from scrambling.  The most useful items are plenty of coins and small bills (especially $1’s), a calculator, several pens, a notepad (for documenting items and sell price), extra price tags, an apron (for holding the money), a radio for background music, and cell phone (you never know).
Be sure to have a friendly demeanor to everybody who walk up to check out your stash!  Greet and say hello.  If you aren’t busy, be sure tell everybody thank you for coming by (even if they didn’t buy anything!).  Who knows?  They may return to buy the one thing they saw and can’t live without!

Give it away
When the sale is over, call a local charity that will accept your unsold items.  Many of these will come pick up your donations to sell for their cause.  Make sure that the charity is legit and be sure to grab documents for a tax deduction!

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