A Reflection on Father’s Day

Fathers are so special in our world. Their work is varied – they are the protectors, the providers, and the heavy when it comes to discipline.  Obviously, all families are very different and to do not follow this model.  These may even be stereotypes back to the 60’s.  In my ideal mind and world this is how I define the role.

I thought much about Father’s Day this year. Partly because my father is getting older and partly because I am divorced and do not have that traditional family.  I would like to dwell on positive aspects so I will describe how I feel about my father.  I remember in high school writing a paper on my dad.  We had to write a paper on “who we admired”.  People picked either the President or Jesus.  I picked my dad.

My dad has always been strength in my life. He has always believed in me while simultaneously always keeping me on the correct path.  He ran his life and his business with the highest of integrity and scruples.  Although it is my goal daily, I feel as I do not do half as well as he does.  He continues to always do what is always correct – no matter what the consequence is.  I look at the love and care that he gave me when I was going through my divorce.  He took time off work (along with my mom) to care for me during two major surgeries that I had during my divorce.  With a saint like heart he helped organize my clutter, took care of my children, helped with my dog, and drove me wherever I needed (doctors, hospital, physical therapy, drug store).  I remember him in the early years as always really enjoying my sister and I as we grew up.  His love and principal attitude never waived. He stood by me during my divorce always. My ex and I were under IRS investigation and he was always by my side (along with 6 other lawyers that I had to hire). Without his support, I am not sure how I would have endured all of that I survived.  Four years later, he continues to help me with my home (hang pictures, take care of my dog) with no complaints at all.

As a father, he always knew that the family unit is a sacred gift from God. Putting this on the highest priority allowed all other things to flow underneath.  Things were not always perfect, but they were always in a very God like manner.  He never used my sister and I as companions, he always knew we were his children.  His never-ending love showed in his strength to be a constant support and guide always.  I can say that I attempt to do this – but it is a skill that I have not yet mastered.  I tire with the everyday challenges that I deal with; I sometimes just do the best I can rather than fight hard to discipline my children to groom them to their best.  My father never put wedges in between anyone in our family.  He always supported and promoted cohesiveness.

As I reflect on the issues that our country is facing I cannot help to think that these principles that we need in our country need to start in our families. If there is disrespect in our families, it will be in our country.  If there is selfishness allowed in our families, it will reflect in our country.  Our homes and families are the areas that need change if we want change in our world.  The core of our values begins in the home.  Discipline, respect, empathy, and consequence for behavior are core for our homes.  This will then be able to go and transfer into the world.  Our culture expects the schools to train our children.  That will not work and is a failure for leadership and value (but that is another topic for later).

I am grateful for the high standards that I learned from my father. I am grateful for my father trying to bestow the high standards to my children.  Just having the blessing of being exposed to high Godly standards is amazing to me.  My current focus is to focus on the current now.  I am taking the knowledge that I must impart on my children a path toward their salvation.  The challenges are there as they have been brain washed against my being and intentions.  Thankfully I have been blessed with the skills and knowledge on focusing on the current time and the current ability to influence what I can influence. The circumstances that I have been dealt are unfortunate, but they will not halt my efforts.  Just as my father always had the strength and knowledge to impart his gifts to our family, I have the same to impart to my family.  I will persevere with the Godly strength no matter what is dealt my way.

I am wishing all fathers a blessed Father’s Day. Being a father is an amazing gift.  Enjoy and continue to do what you are called to do.



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